Friday, April 17, 2015

OGS Summer Class Schedule 2015

The Ohio Genealogical Society is offering a variety of classes this summer. The one-hour sessions will be free to everyone interested. The workshops will have a nominal registration fee. The workshops will provide hands-on participation by those attending. Pre-registration is required for all events by calling 419-886-1903. For more information go to  Other programs may be added and will be announced on the OGS Facebook page [Note that the class sites vary this year!]

Friday, May 29th- 10am - Tom Neel- Clues to Your Ancestors in the Newspapers OGS Library, Bellville

Saturday, May 30th- 10am - Jennifer Alford- 7 Ways to Use the Cloud OGS Library, Bellville

Saturday, June 6th- 11am - Global Family Reunion Special Event (11am-3pm) Join us for a live broadcast of events in NYC, fun, and more! Donations accepted to benefit Alzheimer’s Association & the Ohio Genealogical Society.OGS Library, Bellville
Friday, June 12th- 10am - Cindy Freed- The Civil War: Finding Your Ancestor’s Place
OGS Library, Bellville

Saturday, June 13th- 2pm - Sunda Peters- Finding Missing Ancestors Through DNA ResearchOGS Library, Bellville
Friday, July 17th- 10am - Derek Davey- Migration Patterns to Northwest Ohio -Rutherford B. Hayes Library, Fremont

Friday, July 24th- 1pm - Tom Neel- Using Maps to Solve Genealogical Puzzles - OGS Library, Bellville

Saturday, July 25th- 10am - Jennifer Alford & Margaret Cheney- Beginner’s workshop ($20)
OGS Library, Bellville 

Saturday, Aug 8th- 10am - Margaret Cheney- Ohio Lineage Society Applications Workshop ($20) OGS Library, Bellville 

Saturday, Aug 15th  - Chapter Management Seminar For more info: Contact Kenny Burck at 513-260-0238 or  John McIntire Library, 220 N. 5th Street, Zanesville, Ohio 43056 

Saturday, Aug 22nd- 10am - Jennifer Alford- Genealogy Research for the Thrifty - OGS Library, Bellville 

Friday, Aug 28th- 10am - Amy Johnson Crow- Desperately Seeking Susan: Finding Females OGS Library, Bellville 

Saturday, Aug 29th- 11am - Dr. Deborah Abbott, Ph.D. - Using the Wiki Shaker Heights Public Library, Cleveland 

Friday, Sept 18th- 10am - Dr. Deborah Abbott, Ph.D. - Analyzing Documents: Moving from One Record to Another - OGS Library, Bellville 

Saturday, Oct 3rd- 8:30am - Fall Seminar with Thomas MacEntee ($40 member/ $45 non-member) For more info: Quality Inn & Suites Conference Center, 1000 Comfort Plaza Dr, Bellville 

Saturday, Oct 10th- 10am - Margaret Cheney- Genealogy Crafts OGS Library, Bellville

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