Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Ohio Digitized Newspapers on the Way!

We just got word of the final approval of the National Digital Newspaper Program in Ohio selections for this third round. They are listed as follows. There still could be technical issues that force changes, and don't get too antsy as it will take up to a year or more for the digitization process. They will then join the many other Ohio newspapers already available free of charge on the Chronicling America web site. The time period this year was 1835 to the Civil War period. The German paper was included because the OCR process is now good enough to handle the German type fonts. Hopefully, Ohio will be accepted for a 4th grant cycle.

German T├Ągliches Cincinnatier Volksblatt 1914-1918
The Kalida Venture 1845-1854
Maumee Express 1837-1840
Napoleon Northwest 1881-1897
Ashland Union 1852-1871
Fremont Freeman 1849-1853
Plymouth Advertiser 1853-1855
Wyandot Pioneer 1845-1873
Medina Sentinel 1914-1921
Wellington Enterprise 1879-1899
Ravenna Democratic Press 1868-1895
Portage County Democrat 1859-1864
Portage Sentinel 1845-1862
Ravenna Western Courier 1837-1837
Ravenna Ohio Star 1852-1854
Cadiz Sentinel 1844-1868
Carroll Free Press 1835-1858
New Philadelphia Ohio Democrat 1839-1845,1863-1863
Steubenville True American 1855-1858
Delaware Gazette 1858-1871
Lancaster Gazette 1847-1870
Somerset Press 1873-1882
Eaton Democrat 1854-1877
Greenville Journal 1907-1918
Cincinnati Star 1875-1880
Georgetown Democratic Standard 1840-1845
Organ of the Temperance Reform 1852-1854
Jackson Standard 1853-1888
Meigs County Telegraph 1851-1866
The Portsmouth Inquirer 1850-1855
Ironton Spirit of the Times 1853-1856
Woodsfield Spirit of Democracy 1844-1886

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  1. Yay! finally some of my ancestral town newspapers will be digitized. I can't wait!